Out of Home


It’s a great deal of advertising. Hoardings rightly positioned is our target to engage audience and convert their impression into interest. Hoardings that are of different sizes and strategically positioned in rural areas, we choose places across extensive areas to bring maximum visibility to your investment.

Hordings - Out of Home
Pole Medians - Out of Home

Pole Medians

Top on the pole, middle of the road. Just to grab the attention being missed on the running wheels. We do not leave any chance to catch the attention of rural folks so, we created the opportunity for our clients. Pole medians are innovatively utilized by us with attractive designs and capturing lines.

Building Branding

Wrapping a building situated directly beside the ring road with an extra-large full color graphic could definitely heap impressions prominently. This helps brands achieve advertising coverage with continuous raise of awareness and share their excitement with communities about their presence.

Building Branding - Out of Home
Wall Paintings - Out of Home

Wall Paintings

History says most of the thought provoking changes in the society begun with wall paints. Many brands made a mark in rural India through wall paintings. Well, it does not go with a painting on a wall. It’s all about which wall to paint on - the geographic location, based on the purpose and many other factors.