Our unstinted vision is to offer myriad rural marketing solutions that are radically anchored on client needs and industry type. We are committed towards in offering benchmarked promotional services and ideas by way of being innovative and project specific. Simultaneously, we strive to unleash the potential of the untapped markets to further enhance and empower corporate India.


Driven by our vision, we constantly research and devise pragmatic yet robust rural plans that are cost effective and result oriented. Being farsighted, GoRural’s marketing solutions leave long-lasting impressions in the consumers mind. We channelize our discernment in rural marketing, towards the expansion of corporate companies, its products, and services.

Core Objective

“Brand Visibility” – “Customer engagement” – “Retail Activation”


Latest Activities

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Inclusive Growth

We need not claim it. But every activity or campaign we do just works as rural empowerment methods at first and then reaps the results desired by our client. We educate them about the product, empower them to realize their buying power and engage them to exploit the privileges of being a customer or consumer.

This is Our Work

Rural Activities

Reach Out ! - The uniquely tailored Mobile Van promotion takes your brand to the farthest corner on the map and deeper into the hearts of the rural populace with rural India’s transactions at Mandis, Haats, Melas and special days of trade in villages averaging Billions of rupees yearly. GoRuralIndia has conceived a host of a special activities for targeting these unsung hotbeds of trading. Having an overwhelming effect on the rural audience, Gorural India in association with 120 Folk art groups of south India effort the must Comprehensive services for promoting the brands.

RWA Activities

Festivals for Residential areas, Taking the Brand to the customer’s Doorstep, Covering Residential colonies, Townships, Apartment Reach all strata of customers, Brand promotions, Information sharing

CSR Activities

Nellore 5K Run - Go Green Nellore
Godavari 5K Run - Stop Pollution Save Godavari.

Large Scale Events

We have the expertise on various large scale campaigns of governments, non-governmental and private organizations. For more than twelve years we have been in customized people engagement activities throughout the south region. Our presence has been in - Godavari Pushkaralu (2003, 2015), Medaram Jatara, COP-11 (International Biodiversity Conference) in 2012, Save Energy Campaign(2013), GHMC Public Awareness Campaigns, Save Godavari River campaign(Godavari 5krun-2014), Go green Nellore campaign (nellore5k run-2015).